Our bucks and bucklings are show quality and come from strong milk lines! All of our animals are vaccinated, wormed and disbudded.  They are weaned and ready for for breeding and shows. We only offer a select few breeding bucks from some of our best milking lines. All other bucklings are wethered for pet stock.

L31 Buckling  DOB: 3/31/19

$750 Available

L29 (Smart Aleck) Buckling  DOB: 3/31/19 $750 - Available

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Brainstorm was the 2017 Spotlight Buckling at the 2017 ADGA National Convention in Georgia. He sold for $10,400 and is owned by Karyl Dronen (Body Shops Herd) from Minnesota. Brainstorm was bred by Cheryle Moore-Smith and Wyl Smith from Old Mountain Farm in Maine.  His sire is SG++B Old Mountain Farm Stag VEE 88 and his Dam is SG Old Mountain Farm RainEDayWomN VEEE 90

Dam:  Dreahook DB Coral  DOB: 4/18/17

2018 1st Freshening

ADGA Show Wins:

Yearling Milker Class; Two 3rd Places; One 4th Place Boon Companion Triple Crown Doe Show, June 9-10, 2018

L36 Buckling  DOB: 4/17/19


L44 Buckling  DOB: 4/17/19 $400 - Available

L45 Buckling  DOB: 4/17/19 $400 - Available

3rd Freshening