Kidding schedule subject to change




Doe: 1 SOLD

Bucks: 3 SOLD

DOB: 4/3/18

Doe:  0

Buck: 1  SOLD

DOB: 5/30/18

Buck: 0

Doe: 2 SOLD

DOB 4/15/18

Doe: 1-May be Retained

Buck: 1 Available

DOB: 6/14/18

Doe: 1-  Retained

Buck: 0

DOB: 5/9/18

Buck: 0


DOB: 4/15/18

Buck: 0

Doe:  1 - Retained

DOB: 4/7/18

*Message for pricing

Doe:  2 Does; 1 Retained, 1 Available

Buck: 0

Due Date:5/09/18

*Blue Eyes with wattles 

Doe:  Retained

Buck: Available

DOB: 4/29/18


Doe: 1 Retained

Buck:1 Available

DOB: 5/22/18

$ 400

Doe:  1 Retained

Buck: 1 Available

DOB: 5/9/18

*Polled Possible

Doe: May Be Retained  

Buck: May Be Retained

Due Date: 5/21/18

Sales Policy


Sales are a first come basis. An email is required to indicate your wish for a Reservation or Purchase.  No animal is considered reserved until money has been received.  We will wait one week for the deposit to be received before posting that animal as available again.


We reserve the right to retain any animal for our breeding program. We reserve the right to refuse sale if we feel it is not in the best interest of the animal.


At the time of reservation, plans must be made for pickup. If pick up plans fall through, other plans must be agreed upon. Case by case plans are made for each customer. If a buyer does not pick up their animal(s) within the agreed upon time frame, the animal(s) will be forfeit, and monies paid will be as well.  We do not return money paid in good faith for an animal that is left hanging.


Upon pick up, any monies due should be paid in cash. If we have agreed to accept a check, papers will be held until that check has cleared your bank.