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Vanderford Crest PC Charity  DOB: 12/06/12

Photos 2017

Charity is a doe of great capacity; both in body and mammary.  She wanted nothing to do with this photo session so was "butt-tucked" with her head down in every photo.  She's long, wide and deep.  Although she likes her "groceries" as you can see in the photos, it doesn't hurt her production.  After having her kids pulled at night, she gave us 8 cups (4 lbs - 2 quarts) of milk the next morning.  She is sharp in the withers and nicely blended with lots of brisket extension. Her top-line is strong (in spite of the pictures) with a very broad, flat rump.  She does need more levelness from hips to pins.  Her feet and legs are strong as is her udder attachment.  That udder is all milk!

Sire Tyny Prince Jorja Punkin
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