Wood & Stream BD Prince Harry
DOB: 2/13/19
Extended Pedigree
Stag's Dam:
2*D AR Deldale Fawn *D 'E' 91 EEEV
(Glued on 9th freshening udder)
Photo Courtesy of Old Mountain Farm
Maternal sister to RainE Day Woman:
SG 2*M AR Old Mountain Farm Ta-Dah! VEVE 90
(Udder Pictures from 7th Freshening)
RainE Day Woman's Sire:
Old Mountain Farm Java Zip
Harry's Dam:
Rosasharn BCL Diana 6*M
*Diana pictured as a first freshener. 
Photo Courtesy of Rosasharn Farm
Maternal Sister to Diana:
Rosasharn RS Moonstruck 6*M *D VVVV 87
Photo Courtesy of Short On Heaven
Full Brother to GCH Rosasharn AX Moonsnail 5*M:
Rosasharn AX Whelk +*B
Photo Courtesy of Rosasharn Farm
Moonsnail's Dam:
SG Rosasharn H B Kujira 4*M EEEE 91
ADGA 2014 & 2015 #1 Milk Production
2017 ADGA Elite Doe
Photo Courtesy of Rosasharn Farm